Inner Worlds

INNER WORLDS   -   Pathways to our spiritual source

Marina Stade, Seelenheilung, Schamanische Seelenreisen


During shamanic journeying, the inner worlds of the soul are projected outward and perceived as landscapes or objects. They mirror our individual limited cognitive world while at the same time confronting us with and integrating us into the universal spiritual world. Here are some topics you can work with during your soul journey: relationship clarification - family constellations - energetic bodyhealing - past life regressions - trauma processing - conflict resolution -personal development - vision shaping - mystic experiences


Marina Stade, Seelenheilung, Seelenhaus

is a visualized architectonic projection of our personality. All aspects of our daily lives find a corresponding form in our soul house. The entire storage of all the data collected by our soul - stretching from the now all the way to the past of our ancestors and all the way back to other incarnations - are present in our soul house, and can be released if needed. Topics that can be dealt with here: relationship clarification - family healing - conflict resolution - trauma processing - energetic bodyhealing - vision shaping


Marina Stade, Seelenheilung, Organsprache

Our Organs - the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, etc. - have their own voice and wish to express it. They form a microcosm in their own right. The health of our body depends on their smooth, harmonious interplay. It is worth activating the language of our own organs thus motivating a smoother interplay between them.

Gustave Doré, Illustration zu Dantes Göttlicher Komödie: Das Paradies


We can gain direct access to our soul by means of a slow meditative descend into the heart centre. We can then utilise this state to work on themes and issues that are a strain on our heart chakra. The freeing and awakening of the heart is the true purpose of human existence. Freeing the heart chakra requires a letting go and release of all the attachments we have accumulated particularly in the posterior part of our heart chakra over years and even decades. To awaken is to open ourselves to the infinite potential of our divine source.

Marina Stade, Seelenheilung, Schamanische Trommel

All our lives' phenomena - our family and social environment, our biographical imprints, our body with all its organs and functions, our energy body with its chakra and meridian system - have a spiritual reality at their source. I offer you four different levels on which to encounter and work on your everyday life realities either in the spirit world or by means of meditation. Please do not hesitate to call me if you require further information or clarification of the above, or to make an appointment. My work offers an opportunity for self-help. Exploring inner worlds is an adventurous and intense form of gaining self-awareness. To alter these worlds consciously and in harmony with the spiritual laws, is our innate divine potential for creation.