English Rainbow


We never fail to be deeply touched by the beauty of a rainbow... whether we see its whole spectrum of colours reflected in a perfect semicircle or just in a fraction of it. The transition-free blurring of one colour into the next within a fragile-looking fog which could disintegrate at any moment is perceived as the embodiment of the highest harmony and paragon of perfection – a mysterious salutation from another world. There are primary colours and respectively between every two primary colours there are many minute colour shades, infinite amounts of finely tuned colour shades. And this abundance of nuances stands for the infinity of life itself - it is the great diversity of creation.

There seems to be just as infinite ways to play with the rainbow on a soul journey. May it be the open rainbow upon the horizon or a glimmer of colours in a haze. May it be the encounter under a waterfall or in a dewdrop of a leaf or blossom. May it be the reflection of colours in an air bubble. We may be dancing around the rainbow, dancing adoringly, dancing our way into it. We may take a bath in the rainbow, swim inside it, drink it or breathe it in. We may become the rainbow. And we will sense the spirited sparkling richness of the colours with every fibre of our energetic being.
We may bath our eyes in its misty haze, or we may pull it through our ears like a ribbon. Why not pluck out individual colours from the rainbow and play with them?

In Faith Healing, we can ask for divine grace for the benefit of people or departed souls whose capacities are so limited, that they are only capable of perceiving a fraction of life or realities, such as with depression, deep trauma, or one-way mental fixations. In these cases we allow our hands to fill with the richness of the rainbow colours and allow the mental-energetic image of this human being to be enveloped in the great diversity of creation.